Easy scheduling for your business.

The InScheduler widget helps customers book appointments directly from your website.

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Take Bookings 24/7

Allow customers to conveniently book from anywhere at anytime of the day.

Prevent No-Shows

Send automatic email reminders so your customers never miss a booking.

Maintain Social Distancing

Space out bookings to allow for social distancing measures to be in place.

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Our widget. Your site.

Customers are able to book appointments in a matter of seconds directly from your website. They can easily select the service they want, the employee they prefer, and a time that works for them.

It's that simple.

Help customers book no matter where they are on your website. Our widget moves with the customer so making a booking is always easy and accessible.

See all your appointments in one place.

Never lose track of any bookings with a dashboard that shows detailed information about your upcoming bookings.

Notify your clients about upcoming bookings.

Our automated email confirmations and notifications will remind clients about their appointments to help prevent no-shows.

Connect with your customers.

Understand your customers' needs better with a detailed overview of customer information in one place.


Pricing doesn't have to be complicated. We decided to keep it simple, just like InScheduler.

40 USD

Embed customized booking widget on your website

Appointment calendar

Automated booking email confirmation & reminder for clients

Detailed client history

Installation support

Support up to 10 employees

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InScheduler is currently available in Canada and the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer any questions you may have. If our FAQ doesn't answer your question, please contact us below.


What do I need to use InScheduler?

Using InScheduler is simple! We only require the use of a computer or tablet device with an internet connection and an existing website to embed the booking widget.


How do I install the InScheduler widget?

Installing the InScheduler widget is as simple as copying a single line of code that we will provide you with onto your website. If you need help with installation, we are happy to assist you.

Once the widget has been installed, your customers will be able to click a "Book Now" button in the bottom right corner of your website to make an appointment.


How will my customers pay for bookings through InScheduler?

Customers will pay for their booking when they go to your location for their appointment. To make your experience more seamless, our team is currently working on providing your customers with the option to pay online at the time of the booking. When this feature is released, we will let you know!


Can I use InScheduler to take appointments for customers that walk-in or phone in?

Absolutely! Whether your customers are booking at your business through your website, calling in, or walking in, you can take their appointment through InScheduler and keep track of it using our customer relationship management system.

Make scheduling easy.

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